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Patrick dunnagan

As a Director and producer, when I go into a project I love to go into it knowing that everyone coming on board is going to bring their ‘A’ game and bring their talent so I can focus on what I need to in order to make the project a success.  


I have worked with Lisa from Sassafras Studios on concepts, set design, and layout for a pitch for a project before and loved what she came up with.  So when we needed a designer to step in for a Corporate video shoot recently, there was only one name on the list.  Thankfully she was available.  


From the walk-through day I knew things were going to go smoothly.  I can’t begin to express how nice it was to be able to lay out what was needed, the vision for the look, and then have her source everything and make it better and me not have to worry about it.  Sets are fast paced and sometimes stressful environment. Having someone who was positive and fun to have on set, as well as making things look great to where the client complimented the look is invaluable.  


She thought about things ahead of time and even out-thought what could have been an issue like not only getting a beautiful table and chair set, but  that are functionally adjustable in height so that we could dial in the right angles with some obstacles that we had to work around.  These little things of paying attention to detail make Lisa and Sassafras studios my first choice when I need a designer.

-Patrick Dunnagan - Director/Producer

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