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we are a full-service design firm specializing in creating memorable and immersive spaces.



Design is a multiple layered process. It can be a powerful tool both in its functionality and esthetic.  Good design is where objective reasoning and creative counterparts compliment each other.

By diffusing the possible minutiae of budget and technicalities, we pull the curtain back to expose the truer "whys" and purpose behind who you are, your struggles and your aspirations for the future.

So before we even attempt one napkin sketch, we want to hear why you came to us. What it is that you are looking to achieve from us and what makes you get out of bed to do what you do?


Design should always be fitting to the client, not the designer.  From Condominiums, Venues, Worship facilities, Salons, Cafes, Eateries and everything in between, we love tackling large and creative spaces that make a facility distinctive.  


We are passionate to give both the customer a place of discovery, as well as a thought out space functionally, for the people who run the operations after we leave. 

By embracing your DNA, we start to descend from that 30,000 ft view and give it legs.  This is where the Nuts & Bolts of a project begin to take part.


I’m not going to lie, when you stumble upon a great vendor that also has a great attitude and respect for Design, you can’t help but look forward to pulling them into any given project. Knowing that with them, it will only elevate the end result.

Since the conception of Sassafras Studios, we have had the honor of partnering with several artisans, installers and creatives, who can help take your conceptual design to reality.

We, at Sassafras Studios, love a good challenge because we love to see our people shine and fulfilled in what makes them tick. It’s what we like to call a “win, win”.

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