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If you were to ask the young Lisa, what she wanted to do when she grew up, you would hear an absolute “I want to sing”! 


So she did. 


Through the years, she had opportunities to lend her voice for things such as: Barbie, radio commercials, as well as BGVS for Bobby Kimball of Toto and The band Heart a few years back at an 21,000 seat sold out event.


All to say, sometimes life twists and turns lead you to things you never thought possible.



Upon moving from California to North Carolina, with her husband and babies, she found herself balancing her passions between homeschooling her 3 kids to working as a set designer at her local church. She managed to grow a group of about 10-15 people who helped build extensive set designs for a few years. 


One day, she received a call from the pastors wife to meet with a well known designer, named Barney Paradise, who was tasked at designing a new cafe and bookstore for their church.  It was this very introduction that presented itself from a collaborative effort to an overwhelming opportunity to lead her own design for the cafe. This type of generosity was nothing to sneeze at. So, in Lisa fashion, she took a no hold’s bar approach and gave it everything she had while learning under the shadow of her now “design sensei”, Barney. All to say she loved every moment of it!


Come Grand opening day, there was a particular gentlemen who shook Lisa’s hand and asked “ Did you design this?” She humbly answered, “Yes, yes I did!”

He then leaned in, still grasping her hand and whispered, “You need to be doing this from now on.” Those words from Dan Cathy, the CEO of ChikFila, were imprinted in her heart, along with so many wonderful moments, that help push her into dreaming what was next on the horizon.


Though Lisa never went to school for Design, and has had all but a business card as her marketing tool, she has been getting projects left and right solely by word of mouth. 


It has been several years now and with many facilities under her belt she hasn’t stopped dreaming of even bigger things.


If you could ask the older Lisa what she wants to do she she grows up, you’ll hear her say..

‘I want to design the world’!


One corner at a time of course... and that corner starts with you.

H E R   S T O R Y 

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