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scott betts

The Lord called and gifted me to plant and lead a church. He gifted Lisa to design! Lisa and I have been through three phases of changes since we began in 2009 and at every phase she has never failed to “hit the nail on the head” and create the perfect design for the environment and season we were in as a church. From very small, to growing to now large she has mastered the art of creating the perfect design at every level.


Whatever it is that turns on in her mind and what she sees, when she sees a space, is nothing short of astounding. She conceptualizes based on our limited ideas and puts in render form something that only a genius could imagine. There is no way to compare the value that she brings to the table when she brings life, beauty, identity and character to your space, that genuinely defines your uniqueness. We don’t design without her!

- Scott Betts - Pastor, Crossroads Church, Benson, NC

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