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Barney paradise

I’m thankful that God allowed our paths to cross in the design world. More importantly in designing and creating awesome spaces with life and atmosphere within our churches. Lisa I could tell God placed some awesome creative insight into your being. You are like a “Design Avenger” a superhero that takes average, gives it a punch of dimension, a smack down of color and tops it off with warmth and personal touch to bring life to space! Bam - atmosphere is created communicating the story! Telling a story through design is what stirs our emotions and behaviors. It is what makes people feel welcome and coming back to a place of comfort or excitement. You embrace your creativity and your insight to design moves people. It invites them in for the journey of life and community.
I can’t believe it has been many years since we worked on our first project at C3 Church. I know Sassafras Studios will tell many more stories through design on behalf of your future clients best interest and success of their projects.

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